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An independent broker offering industry wide coverage.

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An independent broker offering industry wide coverage.

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An independent broker offering industry wide coverage.

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  • Philip C.
    I bought a second home in a forest resort planning to retire within a few years. I called my insurance company and was told they would not ensure my home in this area. I called several other companies and was told the same. A neighbor in the resort area told me that they got coverage from Boyster Insurance - a broker covering the entire market. Placed my insurance with them the next day. Thanks Boyster!
    Philip C.
  • David B.
    I purchased my dream log home in the Northern California area and was canceled due to the designated brush area. I called several companies who all denied coverage. Thank goodness for Boyster Insurance, one call and they got me covered with an excellent policy.
    David B.
  • Michael L.
    I was in escrow for a high value beach property, when upon closing my insurance said they could not insure in the area in spite of my many policies with them! Escrow advised contacting an independent insurance broker to survey the market, and Boyster Insurance came to the rescue allowing my escrow to close.
    Michael L.
  • Vince A.
    My premium carrier on a high dollar home advised I would be dropped without central monitoring & the fire department headaches that go with it. The folks at Boyster Insurance were able to breakdown my options & explain in laymen terms what the wisest course of action was -  kept the premium policy on their advice, but will be writing other coverages with them! Integrity, honesty - very rare in insurance. Highly recommended.
    Vince A.

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